At a time when brands and other commercial ventures see increasing value in partnerships with fine artists and when artists are invited to extend their practices beyond the gallery and the studio, a new entity is required to broker these relationships in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual gain.

art[cc]corp seeks to serve both parties in these relationships. Artists need help in establishing and charting commercial partnerships that not only make sense in the context of their studio practices but may very well extend and enhance them. Commercial clients need broad help in the development of their overall art-related strategy, specific assistance in the identification of the right artists and the cultivation of these relationships, and detailed production oversight from consultants versed in art-world standards, preferences, and practices.

We recognize that these partnerships have the potential to be not mere business transactions, but creative collaborations that support and enrich studio practices and are simultaneously generative forces in the evolution of commercial strategy and brand identity.

The Paris Review
Carol Cohen

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